from: 16 October 2019

to: 20 October 2019



The specialized exhibition of flowers, ornamental plants, garden equipment and accessories FLOWER AUTUMN presents a full range of products and services for horticulture and landscaping. FLOWER AUTUMN is a variegated mosaic of colors and fresh ideas for interior and exterior.

The green trend is leading for the exhibition. The offered solutions for creating colorful spots in the home, office and villa focus on maximum closeness to nature and many of the preparations are on a biological basis.



  • Fruit trees, flowers and shrubs
  • Modern solutions for the garden
  • Gardening equipment and supplies
  • Items for decoration


Major exhibition categories

  • Traditional and exotic flowers
  • Ornamental shrubs
  • Tree species – fruit and decorative
  • Seeds, seedlings, bulbs
  • Garden tools and equipment
  • Plant protection chemicals and fertilizers
  • Flower pots and ceramic products
  • Accessories for floriculture



FLOWER AUTUMN 2019 is held parallel with the following

  • International Exhibition of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutics MEDICUS, DENTO, GALENIA (16-19 October)
  • Collectors Fair BULCOLLECTO (18-20 October)

Why participate in FLOWER AUTUMN 2019?

The exhibition is a suitable platform for manufacturers and retailers offering:

  • Traditional and exotic flowers
  • Ornamental shrubs and trees
  • Fruit trees, seeds, seedlings and bulbs
  • Garden tools and equipment
  • Plant protection chemicals and fertilizers
  • Flower pots, ceramic products and accessories
  • Handmade and organic products



  • Presentation to a motivated audience
  • Express marketing research
  • Presentation and advertising of new products and services
  • New customers


Visitors’ profile

  • Professionals in landscaping
  • farmers
  • amateur gardeners



International Fair Plovdiv has developed a dynamic model for attracting target groups of visitors through:

  • advertising in electronic, printed and online media
  • partnership with national and specialized media
  • digital marketing on social networks and via email
  • presenting exhibitors in its own channels on the Internet and Facebook

Important dates and deadlines

Held from 16 to 20 October 2019

  • working time for exhibitors: 08.00-19.00 h
  • open for visitors: 09.00-18.00 h, on the last day – till 16.00 h

Renting a stand

International Fair Plovdiv rents covered and/or open exhibition area – stand/bungalow with standard construction or non-standard custom-made stands.


To hire a stand/bungalow it is necessary to fill in Form 3.


The rent of a stand/bungalow includes also:

  • general security, common electricity and water costs, cleaning of common areas, use of infrastructure, waste disposal;
  • a certain number of entrance cards for exhibitors ;
  • inclusion in the catalog and information system (company address, telephone number, fax number, email, Internet address, up to 2 branches and up to 50 characters text information), publishing in the exhibitors’ online catalog and weekly updating of the information in the catalog.


The rental price of the stand/bungalow does not include water connection and water consumption, which are ordered and paid for in addition.


Additional information: in Section "Services, Rent for Stands and Bungalows"


The services cover the activities related to the preparation, holding and termination of the participation.


For additional information see the “Services/Exhibition Services” Section

Why visit FLOWER AUTUMN 2019?

The participants in the specialized exhibition FLOWER AUTUMN offer everything necessary for the implementation of professional and amateur projects in the field of horticulture – seedlings, seeds and flower bulbs, ornamental shrubs, fruit trees, chemicals and accessories.


The exhibition is useful for:

  • farmers and owners of small farms
  • professionals in the field of landscaping
  • owners of restaurants, guest houses and hotels
  • amateur gardeners


For the specialists

  • Information about developments and trends in the industry
  • Studying offers among a wide range of companies
  • Preferential prices of the products offered
  • Ideas for modern vision of green space


For the amateurs

  • Getting to know new products and services
  • Purchase of hobby equipment and materials
  • Free consultation by experts
  • Interesting parallel exhibitions – health, collections, cynology

Useful information

Location: open area in front of Pavilion 2


Working time:

  • 16 to 19 October: from 09.00 to 18.00 h
  • last day (20 October, Sunday): from 09.00 to16.00 h



  • with ticket - price BGN 5
  • for students and retired  – BGN 3


The ticket is also valid for the other exhibitions held at the same time:

  • MEDICUS, DENTO, GALENIA – Pavilion 2
  • BULCOLLECTO – Pavilion 7
  • CYNOLOGY EXHIBITIONS – area V in front of  Pavilion 3


Parking lots for visitors

  • Maritsa Blvd. (along the Maritsa River)
  • Multi-storey parking lot – Bulgaria Blvd.
  • Tsar Boris III Obedinitel Blvd. – next to Pavilion 10


How to get to Plovdiv and the Fairground:



The town of Plovdiv is one of the most developed tourist centers in Bulgaria. It has numerous hotels and lodgings, offering all amenities. One of the most elegant hotels is the four-star St. Petersburg, in which there are also conference halls.


Vasil Chinov

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Zahari Karadzhov

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Mobile Telephone: +359 885 898 835

Fax: +359 32 902 411



Tanya Zemlyakova

Telephone: +359 32 902 311

Mobile Telephone: +359 885 555 363

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Maria Milanova

Telephone: +359 32 902 377

Mobile Telephone: +359 885 787 587


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