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to: 03 October 2020

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International Defence Equipment and Services Exhibition


HEMUS is the largest Bulgarian exhibition for defence equipment, products and services. It has a 25-year history of extensive experience, traditions and successes. The  business forum is focused on strengthening national security in its various constituent parts, as well as developing the potential of Bulgarian defence industry. It is held every second year.   


HEMUS 2018 in short
•    Participants – 69 companies and organizations, of which 48 Bulgaran and 21 foreign  
•    Countries – 17
•    Exhibition area - 4436 sq m
•    Visitors –  over 2800, 12 foreign delegations
HEMUS 2018 Summary – click here


HEMUS 2020 – thematic focus
Defence, counterterrorism and security with particular focus on cyber security, border security, strategic communications, autonomous surveillance systems, information, monitoring and response systems, as well as educational products and services in the subject area.


HEMUS 2020 – business opportunities
The event provides unique opportunities to combine the interest of national institutions, the armed forces, the Bulgarian defence industry, European and international manufacturers and consumers, scientific institutions and the academic community. The exhibition proved to be a successful forum for developing business opportunities in the field of security and defence, expanding business networks, strengthening and deepening of the contacts with governmental and non-governmental organizations, presenting innovative solutions, products and services and exchange of information and good practices.     

The 14th edition of HEMUS is held under the auspices of the Minstry of Defence and the Ministry of Economy.  


Organizer: “Hemus '95” Foundation
Main partners: International Fair Plovdiv and Bulgarian Defence Industry Association  



The main areas of HEMUS 2020 are:
•    Ground forces
•    Air Force
•    Navy
•    Joint capabilities, combat support and logistics
•    Security and counterterrorism
•    Services and information
•    Others





The full list of exhibition categories – click here


The program of HEMUS 2020 includes the following events:
•    Business meetings
•    International scientific conference
•    Industrial forum
•    Demonstration shooting
•    Dynamic and static display

Information about the events



The Hemus Exhibition is intended for all Bulgarian and foreign persons ( tion and trade activities in the field of defence equipment and in the areas of counterterrorism and security.  

Benefits of participation:
•    access to the Bulgarian, European and international market for defence and security goods and services and the opportunity to explore the business potential at national, European and international level in direct contact with Bulgarian, European and international manufacturers and traders;  
•    opportunity to showcase new products not only through static display of the exhibits but with a demonstration of their mobility, functionality and fire performance;   
•    an international platform for launching new business projects;   
•    a network of contacts with companies, governmental institutions, NGOs, national, European and international procurement and supply agencies, with foreign delegations and visitors, with traders, scientific institutes and universities;  
•    participation in the accompanying events.

More about the opportunities, provided by HEMUS 2020  

General Terms and Conditions for Participation



Companies that are interested in participating in HEMUS 2020 can register by filling in the form published at the website of the exhibition


Innovative startup companies, seeking to achieve national and international recognition or showcase their technology product to present themselves to industry leaders, investors and international business have the opportunity to join the special HEMUS 2020 Startup Section.

Criteria for admission to the Startup Section and application for participation – at


HEMUS 2020 provides various positioning and advertising opportunities. Four groups of sponsorship packages have been prepared: “Hemus 2020”, “International Scientific Conference”, “Industrial Forum” and “Demonstration Shooting".



HEMUS 2020 organizers offer various discounts and special prices to support exhibitors' presentation:
•    For combined renting of outdoor (open) and indoor (in the Pavilion) exhibition area;
•    For early registration of participation till 15 December 2019;
•    For the size of exhibition area rented;
•    For renting the whole Pavilion.



The exhibition attracts interest with its diversity, it is useful with the information and opportunities it provides:
•    a wide range of defence products, services and innovative solutions of world-renowned manufacturers;  
•    a dynamic display of the functional and mobile characteristics of the exhibits, of their firing capabilities during demonstration shootings;
•    business meetings with colleagues and partners, expanding the network of business contacts;  
•    meetings with high-level representatives of government institutions, European and international organizations and partners from the EU and beyond;  
•    participation in the International Scientific Conference, getting acquainted with the latest developments and scientific achievements in the field of national security;  
•    market research for defence products.




On the first day – only officially invited guests  
Second to last day – professionals, traders and business representatives with invitations or pre-registration online  
Visitors with an entrance ticket are allowed in only during the last two days.
For security reasons, persons under the age of 16 have access with an escort, responsible for their actions.


Held: from 30 September to 03 October 2020

Location: International Fair Plovdiv – Pavilion 3 and the open area in front of it


Parking lots for visitors  
 Maritsa Blvd. (along the Maritsa River)
 multi-storey parking lot – Bulgaria Blvd.
 Tsar Boris III Obedinitel Blvd. - next to Pavilion 10

How to get to Plovdiv and the Fairground:
 by plane -
 by train -
 by bus from Sofia -
 by car -


    The town of Plovdiv is one of the most developed tourist centers in Bulgaria. It has numerous hotels and lodgings, offering all amenities. One of the most elegant hotels if the four-star St. Petersburg, in which there are also conference halls.



Yana Mincheva

Telephone: +359 32 902 494

Mobile Telephone: +359 887 513 415



Zahari Karadzhov

Telephone: +359 32 902 141

Mobile Telephone: +359 885 898 835



Maria Milanova

Telephone: +359 32 902 377

Mobile Telephone: +359 885 787 587



Tanya Zemlyakova

Telephone: +359 32 902 311

Mobile Telephone: +359 885 555 363





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