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104 companies of young entrepreneurs compete to "TF Fest"

104  virtual enterprises of students from Bulgaria , Romania and Montenegro will compete on "TF fest 2015", which will be held on 23 and 24 April at  International fair Plovdiv.
This is the largest annual Forum of the network of Bulgarian training firms. In its 18th Edition, for the first time, there will be a section for "Education and Career" and National school Olympics in robotics. The young managers will fight for 30 awards on  the frame of  12 competitions, which will distinguish the best booth, best prepared team, the most attractive advertising materials and catalog, the most spectacular presentation and Web site, the most successful Bank and the company, developing a socially responsible business.
Will be chosen Miss and Mister "TF-Fest". Will be  bestowed the annual awards for the protection of intellectual property.
During the international fair, students will demonstrate their skills in the fields of finance, trade, tourism and hospitality, the manufacture of clothing, accessories, jewelry and toys, building and landscape design, advertising and services. Some of them are realizing outstanding  business projects, such as developing Android apps, creating a Flight Center and manage dating agency.  Their work will be judged by representatives of business, universities, ministries and non-governmental organizations.
"TF Fest" has been approved as an international event by the European Commission and is included in the European week for small and medium-sized enterprises, said the Center for educational training firms (CETF) of the Ministry of education and science, which is the organizer of the event. The Forum is part of the project "A Bridge between school and business."
The purpose of these companies is to improve the preparation of future managers, as close to the real conditions of work and develop creative thinking. Integrated training is applied in economics, computer skills, business administration, native and foreign language.  Each year new 5000 young people prepare themselves in over 330 virtual companies in us. They have the opportunity to improve their skills abroad since CETF is part of the Global network of the training enterprises.