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244 new companies at the Autumn Fair

244 companies, including 150 foreign ones, are appearing for the first time at the International Technical Fair. Further 108 companies are returning after a short interruption of participation due to the crisis. These facts were announced during a press conference at International Fair Plovdiv, the organizer of the leading trade fair event of investment goods in Southeastern Europe.

"The impressive number of newcomers and returning exhibitors is the result of our efforts to offer more attractive participation terms and conditions", explained Bogomil Bonev, Executive Director of IFP. According to expectations, a record number of sale transactions is also possible.

884 direct exhibitors and 590 represented companies from a total of 44 countries will participate in AUTUMN 2011 according to preliminary information. The foreign expositions are larger in size compared with last year and the occupied indoor exhibition area registers an increase of 23%. Over 80 innovative products, including 31 worldwide and 12 European innovations, will be on display at the International Technical Fair from 26 September to 01 October 2011.

"Russia is Partner Country and its participation is of major importance for the Bulgarian business", underscored Bogomil Bonev. The expertise of Bulgaria and Russia in the development of advanced technologies and products will be the focus of the Innovation Forum held on 26 – 27 September.

Green business is a highlight at AUTUMN 2011. The Green Energy Day, organized for the first time by the Energy Agency of Plovdiv on 28 September, is dedicated to this topic. "The discussions will raise issues of ambient air quality in 30 Bulgarian towns, the opportunities for green heating and green transportation, changes of climate and related challenges", explained Klementina Hadzhieva, expert with the Energy Agency.

Almost 50 events, including conferences, seminars, presentations, business forums, consulting and discussions are slated in the Business Events Programme of the International Technical Fair.