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New Technologies to Boost Crop and Livestock Sectors


This year's International Agricultural Exhibition AGRA, the most renowned agricultural forum in the Balkans and Southeastern Europe, will demonstrate how technologies from different sectors are introduced in the areas of crops and livestock breeding in an effort for modernization. Conventional methods are improved by the latest achievements in different research and applied fields, and the final result of that technology mix is the supply of healthier products to the market and more intensive development of the sector. 

The participants in AGRA 2013 exhibit:

  • equipment and technologies increasing production effectiveness;
  • multifunctional machinery and equipment facilitating farmer's work;
  • land cultivation and livestock breeding techniques ensuring high quality products for the food industry;
  • effective implementation of research findings;
  • new cultivars of vegetables, fruit and grain crops;
  • alternative crops suitable for conventional and organic farming
  • land preservation methods

Dedicated to the modern trend in the agricultural sector is the BioAgra Trade Exhibition of Organic Farming. Launched last year, the exhibition was immediately recognized as a trade forum bringing together experts and producers.

The Bulgarian livestock sector is in the highlights of AGRA 2013. International Fair Plovdiv supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food has taken the initiative to improve its presentation.

How can Bulgarian farmers beat the competition within the EU is one of the key topics of the Business Event Programme relating to the Common Agricultural Policy 2014 – 2020.

All research institutes within the framework of the Agricultural Academy, a co-organizer of AGRA together with International Fair Plovdiv, are present again with their exhibition stands at the event. 

This year, innovations show a rise of 77% compared to last year. Exhibitors present a total of 62 innovative products, including 17 worldwide and 7 European novelties.

AGRA 2013 is expected to exhibit the panorama of one of the most important sectors of economy, which turned into a powerful driving force in times of crisis.

I. General Information

1. Exhibition

AGRA was launched in 1992. In 1995, as an acknowledgment of high quality and international standing, the exhibition was recognized as a UFI approved event by UFI - The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry. In 2008, AGRA was enlisted in the calendar of EURASCO – European Federation of Agricultural Exhibition and Show Organizers.

2. Participants

AGRA 2013 has attracted for participation direct and represented exhibitors from 20 countries such as Argentina, Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Republic of Korea, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, USA.

The number of participants is over 400, retaining the level of last year. Argentina, Greece and Turkey are organizing official participations. In terms of companies and occupied exhibition area, Greece, Turkey and Germany are the three leading countries.

The occupied exhibition area is up by over 22% in total. This is the result of the flexible marketing policy of International Fair Plovdiv aiming to support businesses through the hard economic times.

2. Exhibitors Profile

The majority of the exhibitors are active in the plant-growing sector. R&D sector takes second place, and livestock breeding ranks third. The participation of companies from the services and information sphere is expanding.

II. BioAgra Trade Exhibition of Organic Farming

BioAgra is organized in partnership with the AVALON Foundation, the Netherlands and the Agroecological Centre at the Agricultural University, Plovdiv.

The exhibition brings together companies, research institutes and experts from all spheres of organic crop and livestock breeding, production and sales of eco-products.

BioAgra will be accompanied by the International Conference on "Organic Production – Entrepreneurship and Management", organized by the University of Agribusiness and Rural Development and International Fair Plovdiv on 7 March 2013.

III. Bulgarian Livestock Breeding

The initiative for a more comprehensive presentation of the Bulgarian livestock breeding is aiming to assist the sector to emerge from the crisis and to take advantage of the positive market trends.

On display at AGRA 2013 are the best Bulgarian breeds, farming equipment, livestock breeding technologies.

IV.      Innovations Competition

For the fifth consecutive year, new products, services and improvements in agriculture compete at AGRA. The aim of the Innovations Competition is to promote the innovative products and the companies offering them to the trade visitors. The competition is organized on the initiative of International Fair Plovdiv with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

V. Business Events Programme

AGRA 2013 is accompanied by a comprehensive Business Events Programme comprising conferences, seminars, roundtables, discussions and presentations on the current issues and trends in agriculture.