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28 September - 3 October 2015, International Fair Plovdiv

Upsurge in construction is the new tendency that stands out at the 71st International Technical Fair in Plovdiv. The Business forum for investment goods and technologies, which is one of the most prestigious in Southeast Europe is organized by International Fair Plovdiv and its partners are branch unions and large Bulgarian companies. Leading companies from 35 countries are taking part in it.

The Autumn Fair is known for the presentation of innovations, which is the reason why it has been defined as the largest technology meeting on the Balkans. In the last two or three years innovations were mainly related to green business and energy efficiency, while this year construction is dominating.

The specialized exhibition “Stroytech” shows a wide range of products, which combine advanced technologies with solutions for the provision of comfort in buildings and energy saving. With four new initiatives the exhibition “Stroytech” turns into a “fast track” for the introduction of innovation in the industry.

Robots are a focus in the exhibition “Machine Building”, which is among the best within the framework of the business forum. The “smart machines” are no longer used in industry only. They enter everyday life as well. Manufacturers and traders of electrical, electronic, transport and auto service equipment are also vividly present at AUTUMN 2015.

The specialized automobile exhibition is being reopened. Dealers of most of the world-renowned brands, present on the Bulgarian market, are participating in “Autoworld”.

The Autumn Fair presents also many innovations for cost reduction for the businesses. They are mainly related to energy saving and to automation of production and services. This enables entrepreneurs to free up funds for investments in modern technologies, equipment and products.

The 71st edition of the business forum is again a showcase of the achievements in machine building, construction, electronics, electrical engineering, power engineering, ecology, water management, information technology, chemical and mining industry, transport and auto service equipment and automotive industry.

Nearly 30 products are competing in the Innovation Competition, which determines the winners of gold medals – the highest market distinction for new products of high quality, meeting the EU standards.


  • Pavilion of 3D technology in construction   
  • The show of machinery – demonstration of construction machinery in action
  • National championship in installing bitumen shingles
  • A new profession and a new job – blitz course on the installation of PVC roofs.   




1. Participants

            More than 800 participants from 35 countries are taking part in the 71st International Technical Fair: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Canada, China, Chinese Taipei, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Republic of Korea, Romania, the Russian Federation, the USA, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey, Hungary, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Croatia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan.


2. International exhibitions

Ten specialized international exhibitions:

  • AQUATECH – for water management and technologies 
  • AUTOTECH – for transport and auto service equipment  
  • ELTECH – for electronics and electrical engineering  
  • ENECO – for power engineering and ecology
  • INFOTECH – for information technologies  
  • STROYTECH – for building materials, machines and technologies  
  • INTERMIN EXPO for mining industry 

The exhibitions are located in 7 pavilions and the open areas around them

“Machine Building” and “Stroytech” are again the largest ones both, in number of participant and in size of the exhibition space. 



            The accompanying program includes more than 25 business events.


1. Presentation “Renovation of Multifamily Residential Buildings in Bulgaria – Initiatives and Resultws Achieved” 
Organizers: Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Bulgarian Construction Chamber, International Fair Plovdiv 

2. Presentation “The Economic Climate in Bulgaria”

Organizer: Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

3. International Symposium “Industrialization as the Basis of a New National Economic and Social Model”
Organizer:  Civil association for a new high-tech industrialization 

4. Eleventh National Conference of the Association of Bulgarian Energy Agencies “Smart Cities and Regions – Energy, Environment and Climate”

Organizer: Association of Bulgarian Energy Agencies