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The most prestigious gaming event in Bulgaria named Let's Play

The most prestigious gaming event in Bulgaria named "Let's Play" will have the honor to present the latest from the world of video games and modern technologies at the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv!

The six-day festival will be held within hall 10 with the participation of the best Bulgarian and international esports players from the Balkans. All the competitions will be broadcast and commented by live TV production in a modern studio.

On-site visitors will be able to play a wide variety of video games and compete against each other for amazing awards. Also they will have the chance to play versus their favorite content creators or team up with actual pro gamers in multiplayer battles.

The fans of the most famous Bulgarian personalities from the Internet will be able to meet them live. There will be demonstrations with virtual reality headsets that carry the user in a different dimention, as well as driving simulators and a bunch of fun on the main stage!

Do not miss the emotion of the six-day Let's Play Festival from September 25th to September 30th!