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Exhibition Services

Telecommunications Services

The exhibitors participating in the events organised by International Fair Plovdiv may avail themselves of the services of the new digital telephone exchange Alcatel 4400. The exchange has functions for carrying out audio conferences, transfer and redirection of calls to another phone, taking over conversations from other phones, programming a reminding call, voice instructions for operation in Bulgarian and in English, digital locking of the telephone and code for individual access. Additional functions are available through the exchange, such as tone dialling for access to voice mail, bank services, automatic entrance, as well as conversations with several correspondents simultaneously by transferring from one telephone to another. All subscribers of the exchange may receive detailed information about the phone calls, including date and time of dialling, dialled number, direction, type, number of impulses, etc. The ensured ISDN line allows maximum good quality of the connection.

In addition to the multifunctional telephone exchange, the clients of International Fair - Plovdiv, may use the following:

Telecommunication Services:

  • Digital phone line at the stand
  • Fax connection at the stand
  • Rented telephone
  • Rented fax
  • Rented Internet connection
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Router (Wireless) /